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People who want to lose weight often follow wide-spread opinions and recommendations. But let's treat them critically and find out those that are not going to be helpful in your desire to lose weight.

Myth 1: "I should eat as little as possible".

Truth: If you keep a weight loss diet or you daily food intake is severely restricted you are really going to lose weight. But bad mood or hunger tortures can accompany your weight loss progress. Besides, there is a big risk that when you give up a strict weight loss diet the weight you've lost will return. Moreover you risk gaining even more kilos as your body will try to get ready for the future "hungry time".

Try to choose a balanced diet and do not strive for rapid weight loss results. This kind of diet should provide you with the energy necessary for daily activities. You need to get all nutrients to stay healthy. The ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates in your daily intake should be 1:1:4. Losing about 2.5 - 4.5 lbs per week you will ensure long-term weight loss results.

Myth 2: "Weight loss pills will do the entire job".

Truth: Weight loss pills are really effective. Their effect is based on different principles - fat absorption prevention, appetite suppression etc. They can really make you lose weight. But you can't hope to get a steady result without a complex approach - a weight loss diet, exercises and pills. Weight loss pills will not do the entire job but will stimulate a better result. Before you choose a weight loss pill make sure about its safety and get to know its possible side effects.

Myth 3: "Late supper is crucial for my weight loss program".

Truth: Hunger is no better. You can have supper 2 or 3 hours before going to bed. It won't do you any harm if you give preference to the Mediterranean diet food - all kinds of vegetables, pasta, a bit of olive oil, cheese and greens. And, of course, stop eating as soon as you feel saturated or even earlier. Overeating at night is really bad when you are trying to lose weight.

Myth 4: "Bread makes me overweight".

Truth: You shouldn't give up bread totally. It won't make you slimmer, of course. Try to restrict bread intake but don't give it up. Bread is rich in many microelements, dietary fiber and vitamins, especially B-group vitamins. Give preference to wholegrain or bran bread it is good for health.

Myth 5: "There is some food that can not make me gain weight".

Truth: Unfortunately, there isn't any. It is not food but calories in it that make us gain weight. If you eat too much low-calorie food you risk gaining weight as well. Eat healthy food and remember that everything is good in moderation.

Myth 6: "The less I sleep the more I lose".

Truth: Staying active makes you burn more calories than sleeping. But undersleeping can trigger up some body disbalance which isn't going to make you healthier. You'd better get enough sleep and do some weight loss exercises to burn more calories and become healthier.

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