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Weight loss motivation - to lose or not to lose

Many people who wish to lose weight try various methods, weight loss diets, exercises and pills, and often fail. There are different reasons of such failure. The lack of motivation can be a significant obstacle on your way to ideal weight. Before you make another weight loss effort, start an exhaustive diet or sports training think hard of your motivation. Ask yourself: "Do I really need to lose weight?", "Am I really ready to stand all difficulties?", "Why do I need to lose weight?".

The answers to these questions will promote your progress or save your pains in the matter that has turned out to be unnecessary. If the reason of your desire to lose weight is the desire to look more beautiful or to look more attractive consider the following information. May be it will help you to start loving your body and accept yourself as you are.

  1. Open your eyes and look around. You will see a lot of absolutely different people with different shapes and figures. People around are so various and all of them are attractive as they are, just because they are so special and unlike others. This world isn't monotonous; it's rich in variety of forms and colors. You are a part of this multi-colored world and you make it more multifarious. Stay as you are because you have the right to be yourself.
  2. Stop dieting experiments. Stop dieting when you get to your ideal weight norms. Check your BMI (Body Mass Index). If your weight is within healthy norms eat what you like and when you like enjoying life.
  3. Concentrate on your feelings. The thought "I'm overweight" makes no sense if your weight corresponds to healthy weight norms. It is the feeling of being overweight, not the words themselves, that makes you feel discomfort. Being at home alone and reading a book you probably don't think about losing any weight. The situation changes when you open a fashion magazine or turn TV on. You start comparing yourself with models and famous singers or actresses. Remember that you are unique and individual and you needn't be like everybody else. Love yourself as you are.
  4. Screen mass-media information. Remember that almost everything they show on TV is a commercial, goods and services promotion. Somebody wants you to buy, spend money, become like others and so on. They impose you some lifestyle. Resist temptations and screen this kind of information.
  5. Think of your body as of a tool. Your body is a perfect tool for physical activity. Respect it and develop its skills. Learn to stand on your head or to do the splits. Learn to ride a horse or jump on a trampoline. Physical activity is magnificent and your body can do it!

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