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Weight Loss Combat - Fighting With Yourself

The main reason of fat appearing on our hips, belly and bottom is high-calorie food according to modern nutritionists. They warn us against eating too much of it. If you try to lose weight nowadays you have to face numerous food temptations. To resist these temptations and to become the winner you'd better be aware of the riskiest situations. So get ready and avoid tempting food. It will help you lose weight easily and rapidly.

Situation 1. Food is the greatest life pleasure

Food is far from being just a life necessity nowadays. When we go food shopping and see long rows of bright, mouthwatering and attractive food. You may be not hungry at all but your hand involuntarily stretches to a tempting pack of chips or your favorite cake. Commercials show us delicious dishes and food is everywhere around us. And when you try to lose weight you have to resist temptations all the time.

We should admit the fact that we are food - addicted. Try and give up the food that you adore (chocolate for example). As a result you will feel depressed and nervous. To decrease the level of addiction try to eat smaller portions of your favorite but fattening food. Do it gradually but steadily. Eat less sugary and fat food but don't create a sudden stressful situation for your body or it will make up for that later.

Instead of getting pleasure from eating try to find some other exciting activities. Do some weight loss exercises listening to rhythmic music. Go for a walk with your best friends or go shopping and buy some astonishing clothes. There are so many outstanding exciting pleasures in this world!

Situation 2. Stress

Stress can prevent you from weight loss. When stressed we usually start eating more and this food is often bad for our figures. Don't fight stress by eating! When stressed try to draw your attention to something else - visit an interesting exhibition, write a letter to your friend or walk out your dog. You will be able to cope with stress and lose weight at the same time.

Situation 3. Work. Snacks, lunches and colleagues

If you often have a snack at work it can have a sad effect on your body. Your weight loss program should involve the replacement of sugary snacks at work by yoghurt, fruit or juice. Your colleagues can also be a big problem in case they like to have snacks or heavy dinner and invite you join them. It will be good to order a salad and a tea at lunch which will enable you to lose weight and preserve friendship with your communicative colleagues.

Situation 4. Family weekends and holidays

Family may be another difficulty when you are trying to lose weight. Try not to stay at home at weekends as your fridge at home is the worst enemy of your weight loss progress. Avoid "meeting" with it and you are sure to eat less.

Holidays can cause overeating and interfere with your discipline. When you go out or celebrate a holiday with your friends have a plate full of lettuce and fresh vegetables. It will make an illusion that you are eating much and still allow you to lose weight.

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