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Want to lose weight? Change your plate!

In childhood our parents tried to persuade us eat everything up before we left the table and went playing. We were growing and our portions were growing with us. We started eating more and our plates enlarged. Now we want to lose weight but that childish habit remained. Quite often we take a big plate full of food and don't give up eating even feeling full. That's because we are used to eating all food on our plate up. It can't have a negative effect on our weight. If your weight is healthy and you eat healthy food it's not a big problem. But if you need to lose weight the habit of eating up should be reconsidered.

Brian Wansink in his book "Mindless Eating" presents the result of his experiments. According to his experiment people tend to put 1/3 more food in a table plate than in a dessert-plate. A half - empty plate doesn't look as attractive as a full plate does. We really want our food to look nice. So we often make a full plate even if there's too much food in it.

Change your plate! Choose a smaller one! Your food will be as attractive as it used to be but you'll eat less. Nutritionists consider a diet to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight cause keeping a diet you eat less. If you take a dessert-plate you can have almost any food you like and avoid traditional diet limitations. Nevertheless you will lose weight because you will eat less and get fewer calories. If you give up a table plate for a dessert one you will lose about 3.5 lbs (1.5 kilos) per month which makes 42 lbs (19 kilos) per year! Want to lose weight? Change your plate!

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