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"Sweat" for losing weight!

"I train regularly, do exercises, keep a diet and still don't lose much weight. How can make fitness more effective?" This is a typical problem of people who often do weight loss exercises and become quite fit. You make progress, achieve inspiring weight loss results but at some moment it won't go further and you still have a number of pounds to lose.

The way out is to make your fitness classes varied or more intense! The problem appears when our muscles get used to physical activities that we give preference to. At some moment our exercises that helped us to lose weight turn out to be ineffective. Our body gets used to the standard exercise stress and is ready to overcome it, excess weight isn't lost any more.

When you make your program various you surprise your body! It isn't ready to fulfill new exercises without any strain! It starts to burn fat again and you lose weight!

Want to lose weight? "Sweat" for it!

If you regularly do the same exercises and don't want your body get used to them introduce some new elements in your program or change the time period of doing them.

For example, if, as a rule, you start with jogging, introduce highly intense jogging once a week. Choose the period of time when you'll jog at the maximum speed. And don't stop until you feel unable to go on. It will tone your muscles and keep your weight loss progress.

Remember to introduce radical changes in your exercising program. Try new classes, change the order of exercises etc. If you sweat and feel tired after fitness, you are sure to lose weight and become slimmer. Changes in an exercising program will help you to stay interested and even excited about fitness classes.

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