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How to Reduce Body Fat

How can we reduce body fat?

The only way to do it is to burn already existing fat as a source of energy for our activities.

It is known that any living creature's body constantly spends energy on different activities to support its life. The amount of energy spent by a person depends on a number of factors:

  • AGE (the older a person is, the less energy he/she needs).
  • TEMPERAMENT (the livelier a person's temperament is, the more energy he/she needs).
  • WORK and ACTIVITY TYPE (a person who has physically hard work will burn more energy).
  • SEX (men spend more energy than women).
  • SEX LIFE (the more intensive your sex life is, the more energy you burn).

We get energy from food. It doesn't matter how much food you eat - your body will burn just as much energy as it needs, no more. The rest of food will be transformed into fat and stored.

If you want to burn already existing fat it's necessary to get less energy from food than you spend. The stores will be used to provide your activity. SO, spend more energy than you get; burn more calories than you get!

There are two ways to achieve it:

  1. you can increase your energy needs by leading more active life without increasing the amount of food eaten;
  2. you can decrease the amount of eaten food together with retaining your energy needs.

How can I increase my energy needs?

It can be achieved by increasing your physical and sexual life activity

How can I decrease my energy "intake"?

It can be achieved either by decreasing your food intake or by decreasing caloric value of your food.

You will be more successful in body fat burning if you combine all the presented approaches and introduce them all in your life. That is - do more physical exercises, lead more active life, keep a diet or reduce the intake of high-calorie food.

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