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How to lose weight

In order to become fit we should take into account two factors - exercising and dieting. The understanding of nutrition process and the knowledge of the vital elements of healthy dieting turn out to be more useful for weight loss even than exercising though it would be better to combine both ways of losing weight. Besides, it can be helpful to take weight loss pills to get a fast and steady result.

Diets and exercises

  1. Getting fewer calories (eating less than usual) and burning more calories via exercising you can expect to lose on average about 500 - 900 grams per week. You can get a better result if you combine it with weight loss pills. Trying to lose weight by dieting only is unreasonable. In this case your body thinking that it's starving will try to make up for it in some other way. For example, the metabolic process gets slower and fat is not removed from the body so intensively and you won't be able to lose weight quickly. Besides, one should remember that dieting does not mean starving. An adult needs at least 1500 calories daily for staying both active and healthy, though the quantity of calories depend on lots of different factors. Specialists believe that a healthy diet includes various types of food.
  2. "Short-time" "quick-results" diets are no good because they don't provide a steady result. They usually just dehydrate the body and reduce muscles and at the same time body fat remains. The most effective diets are usually long-term ones. They are often combined with some kind of physical activity which prevents muscles from getting flabby whereas fat is slowly removed. For reducing fat it's better to take aerobic exercises as while exercising you get much oxygen that stimulates metabolic process and lets fat be conveyed into energy. There are plenty of aerobic trainings such as jogging, swimming, dancing, riding a bicycle, skiing, rowing, jumping and aerobic classes.

So it's necessary to combine dieting and exercising if you are striving for good steady results. You can also add weight loss pills to your program if you wish. Whatever you choose enjoy the process of losing weight and don't be too strict to yourself.

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