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Figure Types and Healthy Eating

When you choose what diet to take this time or what kind of food is healthy for you remember that different people need different food. It depends on their age, gender, life style and also on their figure type. Knowing your figure type enables you to regulate your eating habits, choose the best exercises and lose weight.

Have a look at your body in a mirror and find out where fat tends to accumulate. If it likes to pile up on your waistline, let's call it an "Apple figure". If fat prefers your hips, it's a "Pear figure". If you are lucky to be slim in every body part, you have a "Banana figure".

An "Apple figure".

Your figure might not have changed much during all these years. But where is your waistline? People with this type of figure can have cardiovascular problems. It means that your healthy daily intake should include much dietary fiber, about 25-30 grams. Start every day with a bowl of porridge and fresh fruit. It's better to restrict adipose and pastry fat intake. The best healthy food for you includes soy products, fish, walnuts which prevent cardiovascular problems. When you have a big choice of dishes give preference to loads of fruit and vegetables which you can combine with small pieces of delicious but high - calorie food.

A "Pear figure".

This type of figure is the one most spread among women. You have the risk of rapid weight gain so be attentive to the quantity of calories you get daily. Regular exercises help to remove fat from hips. Don't take much starchy food but also don't take fatless food only because you risk getting calories via proteins and carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight try to avoid juices and sugary drinks. Eat vegetable soup and low-calorie food. You can eat a lot of vegetables and replace high-calorie food by them.

A "Banana figure".

Lots of "Pears" and "Apples" envy your figure type. You may eat what you want and stay slim! You don't need any weight loss diets or other weight loss measures. But some lucky "Bananas" want to gain weight a bit. If you are among them get more fat from nuts, cheese, and cream and so on. If you want to gain some weight you are not only allowed but even recommended to have desserts, chocolate, jams and juice daily! Wink

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