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Don't Fight Stress by Eating

From time to time all of us suffer from stress. Nowadays there are loads of reasons for stress - overworking, financial matters, and bad weather and so on. Quite often this stress can be caused by being overweight. Some of us try to overcome it by means of weight loss exercises, weight loss diets or weight loss pills. Others fight any kind of stress by eating. It can be explained by psychological peculiarities of a person's character. Psychologists distinguish between two kinds of personalities in stress - "mobilizers" and "freezers". "Freezers" usually stop any kind of activity, freeze and stay motionless in a critical or stressful situation. "Mobilizers" start feverish activities, act quickly and get very energetic facing any kind of danger including stress. When stressed "freezers" usually get pale whereas "mobilizers" get red in the face.

If you think you're a "freezer" you can relax and not worry about your figure and weight. In a stressful situation "freezers" usually stop eating, their activities are paralyzed for some time. That is why "freezers" often feel unable to eat anything as if something just prevents them from swallowing.

If you are a "mobilizer" be careful! "Mobilizers" feel an unbearable incentive to act. In case they can't give way to their emotions in a productive way they start doing whatever they can. Usually eating is the easiest and unavoidable way of activity.

So now you can easily control the situation if you know the reason for your overeating in a stressful situation. Besides, there are some general recommendations concerning stress and food:

  • Don't eat standing - or you risk to eat too much. Try to eat at a smartly laid table from a small plate. That's will prevent you from eating much food from a frying pan.
  • Don't eat when reading. Turn off the radio and TV. Thus you will be able to concentrate on your food.
  • In a stress don't hurry to the kitchen. Better take a relaxing herbed bath or take a 10-15 - minute walk. Anyway, it's always good to replace one meal a day by a walk or a bath.

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