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Food for many people is one of the greatest life pleasures. However, when we start dieting or exercising our tastes change. When we start keeping a diet our only goal is losing weight. You are sure to know that if you reduce the quantity of calories and exercise more this aim can be achieved quite easily. But one should always remember that extremely active physical exercising demand large quantity of calories.

It's important to keep balance between the quantity of calories you get and you waste. You should try to combine a wide variety of food that you eat with a reasonable quantity of calories you consume. If you want to lose weight the number of calories you consume should be fewer than the quantity of calories you waste.

Few of us are happy about dieting but some of us really need it. But a diet should not influence the quality of our food. Eating limitations can't be the reason for food quality getting worse. Your food should be pleasant both at sight and taste. Try to avoid fruit-and-vegetable diets as this food contains much water and lacks nutrients. Our body always needs some fat, not very much though.

Tastes differ and you can make your own list of food for weight loss. Nevertheless there are some general recommendations useful for every type of diet, for example eating slowly or not snatching a bite during your day. Here is some advice that let you reduce the quantity of calories you get and preserve good taste of food:

  • Eat a little at a time or replace the food that you are used to by a big quantity of low-calorie food.
  • Drink clear water or low-calorie drinks.
  • Don't add sugary or oily dressings to salads.
  • Boil your food, don't fry or roast it.
  • Use sweeteners.
  • Reduce salt in your dishes.
  • Don't have strong drinks whole eating.

Your dieting will be easier if you divide the number of calories you can consume into the number of meals. For example, you can get 300 calories for breakfast, 300 calories - for lunch, 600 calories - for dinner, 300 calories - for strong drinks, all in all 1500 calories. Here is your possible dieting menu:

  • Breakfast - a boiled egg with a toast, fresh juice.
  • Lunch - a tuna fish sandwich, an apple, a bottle of mineral water.
  • Dinner - a stew, a fruit and cheese pie, a glass of mineral water.
  • Drinks - 0,75l of beer or 2 small strong drinks.

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