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Overweight Body Parts: Psychological Reasons and Easy Ways to Get Slimmer.

Modern psychologists suppose that any body problem doesn't appear accidentally. Every body part has its function - hands take and give away, feet move and walk and so on. So if any life difficulty is connected with a body part function, this part can get sick or overweight. Here is the list of fat body parts and problems that could cause excess weight.

1. Second Chin

Function: The function of the chin is the same as the mouth's one - talking.

Reason: May be, you don't often say what you think or want. Your unsaid words "get down" your chin and "pile up" there. Perhaps, you don't want to hurt somebody or to be misunderstood but it results in a double chin.

Get slimmer: Let yourself say what you want. Get rid of fear and shyness. Speak out! You'll feel and look much slimmer!

2. Shoulders

Function: to carry, to support.

Reason: Supposedly, you take too much responsibility. The wish to be responsible can be caused by your enthusiasm, or by the desire to be the first and the best, or by inability to say "no". Taken excessive responsibility piles up on your shoulders, disbalancing your body.

Get slimmer: Stop taking responsibility! Don't be responsible for too many things at a time, take care of yourself and your shoulders - they should be able to bear everything you've taken. It's also useful to become independent of what people think of you - say "no" and allow yourself not to be the first all the time.

3. Hands and fingers

Function: Social contacts, dealing with people.

Reason: May be you feel lonely? Or you have some difficulties with communication?

Get slimmer: learn to communicate. Dealing with people is quite easy but requires some skills. Go to a special psychological training and practice your communication skills there. Talking to people will become so much easier!

4. Hump

Function: it isn't supposed to exist at all!

Reason: It appears if you feel guilty of something. The guilt may be real or farfetched; it can be your estimation of your actions or the one of your family, friends, society, etc. The feeling of guilt gets your shoulders and head down and the hump grows.

Get slimmer: Say that you're sorry. Say it to a person or say it in your mind, imagining a picture of your apologizing to a person and his/her forgiving you. If it doesn't help use a more effective method - invent a punishment for yourself. Invent any punishment (any!, even eating ice-cream, for example) that you believe in and punish yourself. You'll get rid of the guilt and the hump.

5. Belly

Function: To bear a child (women), to bear ideas and also to store worries.

Reason: If you are worried or afraid too often and don't let your emotions out your belly is likely to be puffed up. Also women who wish to bear a child may unconsciously make their belly larger. Or if you are very creative and often feel "pregnant" with ideas your belly will enlarge.

Get slimmer: Stop locking your fears and worries inside - burst them out and never pile again! Realize your creative ideas (and may be the wish to have a baby). Try to bear your projects in mind, not in the belly.

6. Waist fat

Function: There shouldn't be much fat as a norm.

Reason: Waist can get fatter as if making a barrier between you and the world around.

Get slimmer: Try to increase your self-confidence and trust people. Trust yourself, trust people around and you'll need no protection and no waist fat.

7. Back fat

Function: To protect you from your past.

Reason: Psychologists say that we usually store our past behind us. So, the back gets fatter to protect you from the past. Perhaps, you do not accept your past or the people from it (may be your parents).

Get slimmer: Analyze your past life. What does your body want to protect you from? Accept all the past events, all the things you did, all the people you disapprove. Imagine frankly saying sorry for everything you've done or forgiving the person who hurt you.

8. Buttocks

Function: Body psychologists say we keep all our promises there.

Reason: When you promise something you 1) keep the word or 2) pile promises up in buttocks together with the feeling of guilt for not fulfilling what you promise. It's just like you wipe yourself for the word you haven't kept.

Get slimmer: Apologize for failing to keep your promises. From now on don't promise. Do what you should do without announcing about it beforehand.

9. Hips

Function: responsible for sexual feelings and aggression.

Reason: Hips can get fatter when you suppress your aggression and sexuality. You lock them in your hips, enlarging them.

Get slimmer: Accept the fact that you, like any human being, can be sexual and aggressive. Blow off steam from time to time. Realize your secret wishes. Do not be afraid of your instincts, use them to lead a full happy life.

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