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Always Hungry?

Do you feel always hungry? There should be some reasons for that. Examine the list of possible factors able to arouse hunger.

1. You don't get enough sleep.

The lack of sleep makes it difficult for you to control hunger. Experiments showed that if you don't sleep enough the level of leptin, a kind of protein regulating appetite, goes down. So, if you don't get enough sleep your appetite increases and the calories you get don't burn as fast as usual. Besides, the level of the hormone cortisone goes up and your body needs more carbohydrates that leads to weight increase.

2. Your food isn't nourishing enough.

Most women need about 1.5 kilo a day for satiation. If you eat less you feel hungry all the time. If you want to lose weight it's better to give preference to food containing much water and dietary fiber but few calories (fruit and vegetables for example). For instance, you can chose a grapefruit, containing 90% of water and just 78 kcal. Food full of dietary fiber not only takes much stomach room but also is digested very slowly, that makes you feel filled for a long time.

3. Your plates are too big.

The bigger your plate is the more food you put there. The more food you have on your plate the more you eat. People given big portions of food tend to eat everything up though they possibly do not enjoy it. So be attentive to the size of your plate and don't put too much food on it. Try to eat slowly thoroughly chewing your food for your stomach to have enough time to inform you that it's full.

4. Your diet lacks carbohydrates.

It has been found out that people avoiding carbohydrates in their diet tend to overeat. Sometimes they try to make up for the lack of carbohydrates by eating late at night. Consuming carbohydrates maintains the necessary level of serotonin in your brain responsible for the feeling of satiation.

5. Eating chocolate at the wrong time.

Scientists have proved that those who eat chocolate being very hungry are likely to get psychologically dependent on it. The taste of things when we're hungry seems better than when we are not, so if we are hungry we want to eat more and more delicious food. Let's try to have chocolate 20 or 30 minutes after meals and enjoy it without harm to our bodies.

6. Eating and watching.

If you're in the habit of eating and watching TV you take two kinds of risks: 1. your brain starts to associate watching and eating. So when you turn on TV you automatically start eating even if you are not hungry. 2. You are concentrated on TV and not on your food. Your brain is too busy and can't get the signal about satiation from your stomach. And you overeat. If something distracts your attention from food you don't control the quantity and the quality of food you get.

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