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10 easy ways to lose 10 lbs

Just a few small changes in a lifestyle will enable you to lose weight. You won't have to do endless exhausting exercises and desperately keep strict diets. Recent research works prove that small changes introduced in your lifestyle will lead to a slim figure and stable results in contrast to harsh weight loss ways leading usually to temporary loss of weight.

Here are 10 easy ways to lose 10 pounds quite easily. Each method wil enable you to lose 10 pounds! Smile

1. Don't skip meals.

The first reason of it is the fact that we tend to make up for a skipped meal during the day. So we often eat more at lunch or dinner, skipping breakfast or lunch. Besides, skipping meals leads to a lower level of metabolism. And metabolism is responsible for good digestion and calorie-burning.

2. Keep a vegetarian diet twice a week.

According to the research carried out by Dean Ornish, Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute; Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California; a vegetarian diet will enable you to lose weight, get thinner waistline and also get rid of atherosclerosis.

3. Remember that "one is always one".

It means that if you prefer a low-calorie cake to a fat sugary cake, eat the same quantity of a low-calorie cake as you would eat a fat one.

4. Don't keep strict diets.

They cause great stress and our body will try to put on some reserve weight in case of hunger.

You are also recommended to keep an everyday food diary. Taking under deliberate control your daily food intake will enable you to leave out some fattening food gradually. It will lead to stable and safe weight loss.

5. Avoid snacks.

Two extra cookies every day can lead to extra 10 or even more lbs per year. If you can't get by without snacks give preference to fresh carrots. Eating 75kcal less you'll lose 10 lbs in 16 months.

6. Dance, dance, dance!

Do some energetic exercises in the evening. Dancing is very exciting, funny and thrilling! Dancing for 2 hours at weekends (about 200 kcal per hour) you will lose 10 lbs in 21 months. If you choose Latin dances or rock'n'roll it will take you just 11 months to lose 10 lbs.

7. It's time you thought of your favorite dressings.

Use mustard instead of mayonnaise and oil instead of  butter. These slight changes will lead to great weight loss! The preference of mustard to mayonnaise with your daily sandwiches will remove 85 kcal off your daily intake - that's the loss of 10 pounds within 12-14 months.

8. Eat slowly!

It usually takes us about 12 minutes to eat our meal. That leads a to weight gain because our brain doesn't manage to get the saturation signal. Eating slower you'll eat 2 pizza pieces instead of four, for example, or a small burger with a small French fries portion instead of bigger ones. It won't take you much effort to leave out from 300 to 500 kcal a day and lose from 7 ounces to 16 ounces a week - that's 10 pounds within 3-5 months!

9. Control your portions.

A lot of people tend to claim that they don't get over 1500 - 200 kcal a day. Talking about food calories they don't take into account the amount of food they eat.

Examine food labels and use a measuring glass and a kitchen balance from time to time. Analyzing food portions you'll lose weight quickly and easily.

For instance, you undervalue the amount of daily taken calories by 10%. If you are a woman, thinking that you get 1500 kcal per day, you really get 1650 kcal. Making portions really equal to 1500 kcal you'll reduce the calorie intake by 150 kcal a day - you'll lose 10 pounds in about 8 months. If you are a man thinking that you get 2000 kcal every day, the real intake is about 2200kcal. Controlling the size of your portions you'll lose 10 pounds within 6 months without any effort!

10. Avoid night meals.

"If you feel tired or depressed after a working day you are likely to overeat at night." - says John Forsit of Baylor College of Medicine. Plan your way of life so that to avoid temptations. Go walking in the evening, be active and try to have your latest meals at 7 p.m. Excluding an evening bar of chocolate or a high-calorie dish in the evening will help you to get from 600 kcal less per week. That's 18 ounces per 6 weeks and 10 pounds in 15 months.

Each of these methods will enable you to lose 10 pounds quite easily. Easy weight loss won't be quick. But it will be stable and you will get much pleasure leading the life that you enjoy.

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