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Many people turn to weight loss pills as an easy way to lose weight. Nevertheless, specialists usually consider weight loss drugs only as one of the elements of a weight loss program. They insist that one should combine taking weight loss pills together with being on a diet and taking some weight loss exercises. Keep it in mind if you decide to take weight loss pills and expect quick and stable results.

Lots of people yield to the temptation of losing weight without any problem and buy weight loss drugs. So if you make up your mind to follow their example, study the information below. Not all weight loss drugs offered for purchase in different shops are as effective as it is claimed. Besides, not all of them are quite safe. Thus read more about the possible side effects of some weight loss pills and dietary supplements and make a careful choice.

What they promise and what we get.

The producers of weight loss drugs and dietary supplements make loud claims about high effectiveness of their products. And usually they are not so loud about the probable side effects. Let's get to know about the possible underside of some drugs.

Chart 1. Appetite suppressants.

Claimed effect
Weight loss pill or supplement name
Additional effects
Possible side effects
Appetite supressantBitter orange-Claimed to be "ephedra substitute", may cause health problems similar to those of ephedra
Country mallow (heartleaf)increases the quantity of burned caloriesContains ephedra
Ephedra-Can cause high blood pressure, heart rate irregularities, sleeplessness, seizures, heart attacks, strokes and even death. Banned from the marketplace because of safety concerns
Green tea extractincreases metabolismCan cause vomiting, bloating, indigestion and diarrhea. May contain a large amount of caffeine
No conclusive evidence

Chart 2. Body fat reducers and muscle builders.

Claimed effect
Weight loss pill or supplement name
Additional effects
Possible side effects
Body fat reducer and muscle builderChromium-Relatively safe, but unlikely to cause weight loss
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)decreases appetiteCan cause diarrhea, indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems

Chart 3. Fat absorption blockers.

Claimed effect
Weight loss pill or supplement nameAdditional effects
Possible side effects
Fat absorption blockerChitosan-Relatively safe, but can cause constipation, bloating and other gastrointestinal problems
Guar gumincreases the feeling of fullness and reducers the quantity of calorie intakeRelatively safe, but can cause diarrhea, flatulence and other gastrointestinal problems
Orlistat (Alli)/Xenical-Can cause diarrhea or indigestion.
Officially approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

One should also be aware of the fact that long-term effects of most weight loss pills are still unknown. Keep in mind that if you choose fat absorption blockers for rapid weight loss it's necessary to take a multivitamin supplement. That's important because such weight loss drugs and supplements as Chitosan, Guar gum or Orlistat (Alli) prevent not only fat but also vitamins and essential nutrients from being absorbed. Make a careful choice and lose weight easily!

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