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Weight Loss Inspiration

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Your Thoughts Are Important

John R. Amos, an American actor, once said: "It's simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do." Do what you do best, do what you like best.

If you like dancing - go dancing - your age, gender and weight don't matter. Dance your best!

If you like watching films - do your best and become a real movie specialist! You are sure to meet people who share your interests and who will listen to you with great attention!

If you decide to lose weight - do it! Do your best and enjoy the process. Concentrate on the weight loss process! It will make "the other fellow's" thoughts of you absolutely unimportant!

No matter what "the other fellow" thinks of your body! YOUR thoughts of your body are really important. Concentrate on weight loss and do your best!

Your body will be grateful to you for this care and for not suppressing it by useless worries!

Approve of Yourself

Quite often we are not satisfied with ourselves. Something is always wrong - our looks or, may be, a paycheck, or social status. A lot of people are dissatisfied with their shapes and weight.

Feeling uncomfortable, we try and try to change something in our lives; we work harder and harder, get more and more money, start new and new diets...

But may be the thing that we are all looking for - is the feeling of agreement and harmony with the world around?

Self-approval and self-acceptance are very important for a happy life. You are unique; you are different from anybody else. There is no one like you in the whole world!

Just be yourself! It's so exciting!

Weight Loss in Summer

Summer is great for losing weight!

Enjoy the season and lose a couple (or a dozen) of ounces every day! Summer is good not only for dieting but also for active life!

The weather is great and we get more active. You can spend hours outdoors enjoying (low-calorie Smile) picnics, playing tennis, having funny games with your kids or jumping and running around with your pets!

Swimming can make wonders to your figure if done regularly! Besides you can try jogging in water if the bottom is quite safe for it. Water activities will burn lots of calories and massage your body.

Summer outdoor activities will unite your family; they will make your immune system stronger, your body - more attractive and your mood - more positive and optimistic!

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