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Weight Loss Inspiration

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Be persistent

"Rolling stone gathers no moss".

Do you want to become slender and slim? That's easy - just requires a bit of persistence. Don't "roll" or "rush" from one method to another.

If you decide to take a diet plan - do it and be persistent. Is it a one-week diet? Great! Being persistent for just one week isn't difficult.

First try to take a mild way of dieting or easy exercises. Losing weight is not the training of your body - it's mostly strengthening of your will and character and the loss of pounds is a good bonus. Smile

Lose weight - Don't be selfish

"I don't have time" - that's what we often say when it comes to weight loss activities, especially to exercises. This lame excuse is often regularly used by women who have kids to look after, a house to clean and a career to make.

But think of losing weight in a different way - weight loss efforts are not just selfish care of yourself. Your strong health, slim figure and self-reliance are a real present to the people around you, especially loving ones. Smile

Just think how your kid will be proud of the beautiful slender mom when you pick him/her up from school. Imagine your husband's/boyfriend's proud feelings when you are the most brilliant girl at the party. Even your boss's attitude will change for the better because you will make an impression of an attractive and organized person.

Don't be selfish - take care of yourself and become slimmer!

Weight loss and pleasure

Weight loss can be an enjoyable process. Smile Before you start your program - find a photograph made when you had attractive shapes or create an image of your perfect figure in your mind.

Daily devote about 2-5 minutes to imagining yourself in good attractive physical form. Feel the pleasure of being adorable and healthy Smile Imagine people of the opposite sex appealed to you and throwing delighted glances at you Smile Enjoy this visualization!

Next time when your hand stretches out to a delicious high-calorie dish, ask yourself: "What do I want more now - to have the dish or to achieve this attractive figure?" Choose what is more important and act accordingly. Any choice is good if made consciously.

So what do you choose - a cake or delighted glances?

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