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Weight Loss Inspiration

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Make Your Pleasure Diet

Make your own "Pleasure Diet"!

Make a list of food that you can't live without and necesserily include a small piece of one or two of these "somethings tasty" in your daily intake.

If the food is high-calorie or unhealthy eat just a smaaal Smile piece of it and do it before lunch. In this case the calories will be burnt during a day and you'll feel pleasure, yielding to quite a harmless temptation.

Rational and moderate food intake will lead you to slimmer shapes. Due to tasty pleasant food you won't suffer from diet restrictions. You are going to be slim and cheerful!

Control your life

Your success is in your hands!

Take your weight under control! Never blame any circumstances or people around for being the reason of your excess weight. Have the courage to take responsibility for your life and for your looks!

From this very moment decide to get slimmer and healthier and start acting! Take your body measures, write them down and say: "I'll get slimmer. From this day on, I'll be getting healthier and slimmer every day! I'll do something for it every day! I'll look more and more attractive! I'll control my life!"

Be fit

Being fit is good both for your body and soul Smile.

If you suffer from stress - start doing something! Don't just sit and sigh or weep!

Relieve stress by taking a spa bath, going to a beauty salon, taking a massage (give preferance to an anti-cellulites one - it will be good for your figure!).

Physical activity is one of the best ways to feel better. Exercising, you get rid of tension and anger. Just think of your boss, for example, and go boxing or visit a tae-bo class!

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