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Weight Loss Inspiration

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Make Your Life Easier - Do Something Difficult

Weight loss process usually requires efforts and discipline. Do you want to make your life easier and be in the saddle?

Every day! Do! Something difficult!

Every day overcome a difficult situation, overcome yourself, your laziness, awkwardness or something else.

Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual, do morning exercises, at least one day be punctual and arrive everywhere on time, skip evening meal, eat a carrot instead of a chocolate bar, and so on.

Daily overcome yourself, extend your zone of comfort. By putting yourself in unusual or uneasy conditionsyou'll get used to coping with nonstandard, awkward situations. You'll feel more comfortableand more self-confident. You'll be ready to challenges. You'll be alert andquick to react.

You'll get used to skipping some traditional unhealthy meals or doing without some dishes. You'll see that nothing terrible happens in this case. even vice-versa - your life becomes easier and more eventful.

One hard step every day will lead you to easy life!

Fertile Nature

Nature gives the feeling of comfort, balance and conciliation.

If you feel unconfident, if you worry about the future or about your welfare it's high time you went to the country and had a look around.

Do you see these trees with plenty of leaves, this grass with loads of blades, a flower with lots of petals?

Pay attention to birds, butterflies, flies, spiders, frogs and other living beings. They all live their lives, they exist. They do not worry about the future and material issues.

They get everything they need from Nature. It takes care of all its creatures, supplying them with plentiful resources.

Even a fly can survive in this world! - So can you!

There's plenty of everything in this world. You can only benefit from this world's richness. No need to worry. Nature and God will take care of you as they take care of every living being in the world.

Your Body Is Natural

Going to the country will have a good impact on your figure (or, at least, on your self-esteem Smile).

Get out of the city and look around. Nature is so wise and so harmonic! There is nothing spare and nothing missing.

Observe the trees and living creatures around. They just exist, they do not worry about any beauty standards. Their feeling of hunger is very natural - they eat, when hungry, or put food "in the fridge", when not.

Have a look at all these creatures. Even being big or plump, they are still very agile and charming (think of a bear, for example).

To have slim figure we should turn to the Nature. All body types are charming, they all have the right to exist. There is nothing shameful in your body if it's bigger than you'd like it to be. Your body is natural and everything natural is good.

When you understand it, all nervousness, complexes and dissatisfaction with yourself will be gone.

Of course, you can make your body better, improve it and make it healthier. Again, think of living creatures' life. Most of them are usually physically active during a day and they usually don't overeat when hungry - they make stocks outside, not inside!

So remember about Nature. Your body is natural. Remember about animals - their behaviour is natural. Try to follow their principles - be active and do not overeat.


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