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Weight Loss Exercises and Lame Excuses

If you want to lose weight you can resort to many weight loss methods - diets, weight loss pills, calorie calculation and weight loss exercises. It is also important to be disciplined and not to give up at the slightest excuse. Here is the list of lame excuses preventing us from regular sports. If something of the kind comes to your mind when you think of weight loss exercises remember that it's just a lame excuse!

1. "I don't have time for exercising".

Usually the lack of time is just an illusion. Even very busy politicians, actors, singers and business people find a few hours a week for sports, as a rule. Lots of modern fitness clubs are open from early morning till night and some of them are 24-hourcentres. By the way, business people often easily find time for weight loss activities due to their habit of planning and effective time spending.

The best way to start doing weight loss exercises is to keep a diary. If you honestly write down all the things you do during a day including phone talks you'll easily find what activities require too much time. At the first stage of weight loss trainings it will be enough to find 2 or 3 hours a week.

2. "Weight loss exercising is very expensive".

Nowadays there is a great variety of sports centers and sports wear. If you are a bit pressed you can go to a sports club with moderate prices or just go jogging in the nearest park. It will cost you nothing and you'll be able to become healthier, lose weight and breathe fresh air.

Sports wear can become an additional stimulus for training if it's pleasant to look at and to wear. But it's not an indispensable condition for exercising. You can find any inexpensive and comfortable clothes for sports. When you get first weight loss results you may reward yourself with a new sports outfit.

3. "I'm too tired of work".

You go to work or do housework and finally feel absolutely exhausted. No energy for weight loss activities is left. At the same time remember that these are exercises and training that give us much fresh energy and provide us with positive outlook. Doing weight loss exercises you will get energy necessary for everyday activities and healthy style of life.

4. "I need to be absolutely healthy for exercising".

In fact, you don't. What you need is to consult your doctor before you choose the type of weight loss exercises and their intensity. Training is going to make you healthy and more energetic.

5. "I'll look clumsy and awkward among people in a sports center".

Pull yourself together and go to a sports club. You are going to meet there people who are trying to make their body and health better just as you are. We are all people who want to look beautiful and attractive. And you deserve respect because you are ready to work and improve yourself. After 2 or 3 weight loss classes you will come to feel at home and feel much more confident and proud of your weight loss progress.

6. "It's too late to start training for me."

Many people think so. Some of them are 20, some - 60 years old. Physical activity is going to make you younger. When you are active the circulation of blood becomes faster and all body processes are stimulated. You can find lots of fitness programs which suit your age.

7. "Fitness is boring".

In any modern fitness club you can find a great number of different exciting classes. Dancing or swimming, jogging or aerobic classes - you may choose anything you like. You will avoid monotonous weight loss exercises if you change activity from time to time. Moreover you will be able to find friends or take part in a weight loss competition and you will make rapid progress.

8. "I did some weight loss exercises but achieved no result".

Weight loss program usually involves not only exercises but some eating restrictions also. As a rule the period of gaining excess weight is more that one month or half a year. How long did you train last time? For a week or for 3 months? Weight loss gaining is not a momentary process. The same is with weight loss progress. Exercise regularly and be persistent. You are sure to lose weight.

9. "I've missed two weight loss classes this week, there's no point in training now. I'll start next week".

Don't put off weight loss exercises in this case. It's better to train one time than not to train at all. Tomorrow isn't good time to start because, as you know, tomorrow never comes. Do weight loss exercises and remember about your final aim.

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