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Why is a diary important when you are trying to lose weight? If you keep a daily journal it is responsible for your weight loss progress and helps you to control your weight loss plan fulfillment. It is useful when you are trying to regulate everyday physical activity, observe the results and to notice new achievements. Weight loss training journal will help you to record the parameters of your work outs and control exercise stress.

Writing down daily information in a work out journal you will be motivated as it will enable you to see the progress. You will be more disciplined and achieve rapid success. When you do weight loss exercises it's important to write down the following information:

  • the kind of exercises you do
  • resistance force
  • the weight you lift
  • work out time
  • pulse rate
  • your health state

Don't forget to fix your height, weight, fat rate before you start a weight loss program. You will see the difference and will be able to adjust the program if it turns out to be ineffective. Work out journal will be very useful if you decide to train with another coach because he/she will know about all your body peculiarities.

Weight loss program requires not only exercising but also dieting. If you try to count calories it's useful to write down all the food you eat and its quantity. In case you take weight loss pills a diary will also be of great help. Writing down your weight and physical condition before you start taking weight loss pills you will be able to fix first positive changes in your body and notice side effects of a drug if there is any. Weight loss journal will make you more disciplined, persistent and allow you to achieve rapid weight loss.

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