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Your Age and Physical Activity. 45-60 years old

If you are from 45 to 60: Your aim is to maintain healthy metabolic level. Your body condition: it's getting more difficult to exercise to the full extent. Consult your physician before training.

You should:

  1. Train more. Menopause can lead to reducing muscular and bone tissue. It may be dangerous as it can result in osteoporosis. To reduce the risk you need to exercise three times a week, doing aerobic and weight-lifting exercises.
  2. Stretch more. Stretching exercises can help you avoid fractures that are dangerous at this age and don't heel fast. Yoga is very good for this purpose.
  3. Don't get much pressure. Instead of straining your back and legs muscles when you jog give preference to fast walks about three hours a week. Doctors usually recommend a twenty-minute walk every day.
  4. Eat more often but less food. Try to eat half of your usual portion at dinner, leaving the rest to the moment when you feel hungry again.
  5. Think healthy. Your body needs now about 1600-1800 calories daily. But it's up to you to decide what food it will be. Avoid unhealthy food, giving preference to fruits and vegetables.
  6. Start eating soy food. In case you gain 3-5 extra kilos it will replace you some fatty foods.

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