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Your Age and Physical Activity. 35-45 years old

If you are from 35 to 45: Your aim is to train reasonably without strain. Your body condition: your weight is stable. But the process of reducing muscular tissue has already started. That leads to your metabolic process slowing down. It's important to keep training and eating regularly.

You should:

  1. Forget about intensive exercises. You'll burn more fat if you prolong your regular trainings or to train more often.
  2. Those who don't exercise long need to do it more often and on a regular basis. Add 10 more minutes to your usual program or go to stretch your leg in the morning.
  3. Do more weight-lifting exercises. To make up for the slower metabolic process have twenty-minute aerobic and weight-lifting exercises three times a week. If you prefer to choose one kind of activity - take weight- lifting one. It will enable you to increase muscular tissue that helps to burn more calories.
  4. Exercise with all your family. Your regular visits to a sports centre or jogging series will stimulate warmer relations in the family as lots of people tend to spend time sitting at home watching TV in different rooms.
  5. Try to reduce stress factors that have a negative influence not only on your spirits but also on your body. Stress hormones were proved to lead to belly fat increase that can be dangerous to health.
  6. Don't eat unhealthy food. Healthy food gives you energy for a longer period of time and you won't need to have a bite so soon.
  7. Try to get about 1800 - 2000 calories a day. Remember that with every decade your body burns 100-200 calories fewer than before as the metabolic process is slowing down.
  8. Try to get a bite between meals. Some healthy snack after lunch will decrease the risk of overeating at dinner or supper. Get something nutritious - dry apricots, prunes, yogurt. But be attentive not to overdo it! Have the amount necessary for your feeling energetic, not more! You can try some weight loss diets too.

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