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Your Age and Physical Activity. 25-35 years old

If you are from 25 to 35: Your aim is to replace adipose tissue by muscular tissue. Your body condition: you have more muscular tissue prevail over adipose one. That means that your metabolic process is ok.

You should:

  1. Add more muscular tissue to lose weight. With every new muscular kilo your body starts to spend 35-45 calories more. You won't need much time for weight loss exercises. For example, women spending five minutes on weight-lifting exercises and fifteen minutes - on cardio training three times a week get significant results. In eight weeks their physical activity increased by twenty percent and muscles strength - by twenty-five percent.
  2. Make physical activity a part of your life. Exercise 30-45 minutes three or four times a week. If you prefer calm activities have daily one-hour walks. The more you exercise the more calories are burnt and the longer is the period off their burning. If you take the temperature it will be more evident. If in 30 minutes after training you're still hot, calories are still being burnt.
  3. Don't ignore physical activity if you are slim. To get lazy is very easy. If you don't move enough and your weight doesn't change don't relax. Without exercising you lose muscular tissue that leads to metabolic process slowing down.
  4. Don't miss your meals. It's high time you made a habit of regular meals. It will allow you to maintain metabolic process on the same level.
  5. Try to get about 2000-2200 calories a day. Nutritionists advise to get about 30% at breakfast, about 40% - at lunch and about 30% - at dinner. And don't be too enthusiastic about weight loss diets.
  6. Remember that pregnancy is not an excuse for gaining much weight and avoiding physical activities. Most women who are active during pregnancy (eg. go swimming) get back to their pre-pregnancy weight easier.

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