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Weight loss and healthy style of life require regular exercising. If you want to lose weight it's better to keep a diet or take diet pills and exercise at least three times a week. Always start training not earlier than an hour after a meal and train regularly!

Some people feel hard to begin weight loss exercises as they have never done anything of the kind before. If you are overweight and have never done any weight loss exercises before you can start your weight loss program with walking. It will be also useful to avoid using elevators and start going up the stairs at least once a day. Any stairs anywhere, in your house or in your office or in a shopping mall, will do.

Walking and climbing the stairs as the first stage of weight loss program will make you get used to daily physical activity in general. Start and finish your daily walks near the house. You'd better have a certain aim when walking - to go to a shop or walk a dog for example. Try to choose even surface and keep steady pace.

Walking is the main calorie-burner for most people. For this reason people with professions requiring high level of physical activity usually walk much and feel healthy and fit and do not tend to be overweight.

An average person is able to walk at a speed of more than 3,11 mi per hour. According to your fitness level start walking at a slow pace then gradually speeding up. As soon as you feel that you've warmed up slow down. Walking should become an essential part of your daily life. Walk to work, walk shopping, walk your children or a dog. After 2 or 3 weeks make walking routes longer and more difficult but don't hurry until you feel that you are ready to speed your weight loss progress up!

Every day we have to go up the stairs in different places. Climbing the stairs is one of the best weight loss exercises! If you are overweight start this exercise gradually and carefully. Regular stairs climbing will help you lose weight safely and quickly. There can be from 1 to 100 stairs for weight loss exercising. In case you don't have lots of stairs you can exercise on 10 or even one footstep about 11 in high.

Step up by one foot then by the other foot. If there's only one footstep go down and repeat once more, and more, and more - You should be able to go up 50 footsteps per minute (we don't count you stepping down time). For instance, if there are 10 footsteps you should be able to go up 5 or 6 times per minute plus the time you spend on descending. Later you can increase the speed and the number of footsteps. Just listen to your body and don't overdo!

When you've introduced regular walking and stairs climbing in your life you will get first weight loss results. Then you will get fit enough to start fast walking, jogging or doing other weight loss exercises. Stable results are guaranteed if you also try not to overeat.

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