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The Types of Aerobics

According to the aims of exercising aerobics is divided into 3 groups:

  • sports aerobics
  • applied aerobics
  • health-improving aerobics.

Sports aerobics is a kind of sport where sportsmen and sportswomen fulfill highly intense and complex exercises competing with others. Sports aerobics programs often include hard elements and presuppose interactions between partners.

Applied aerobics is now spread as an additional way of sportsmen training (in airboxing, for instance). It is also used in various recreation activities, such as shows and cheerleading.

Health-improving aerobics is one of the most popular weight loss activities nowadays. A lot of modern specialists work on developing new energetic programs combining lively music, dance elements and weight loss exercises. Aerobic classes always presuppose quite intense work of the cardio-respiratory system.

Health-improving weight loss aerobic exercises are widely popular at the moment. They are emotional, exciting and easily adaptable depending on your interests and fitness level.

You may try a lot of different aerobic exercises and find those you like most of all. Combining aerobics and moderate eating you are sure to feel better, get fit and lose weight.

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