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One of the most effective weight loss exercises is jogging. If you want to lose weight and is ready to increase the level of your physical activity jogging is the easiest exercise to start with. Jogging does not require any special conditions. You can start jogging as soon as you've made up your mind to lose weight.

1) First of all, you need only comfortable sportswear and good sports shoes. It isn't so difficult to find a place for jogging. It can be the nearest park, a quiet street or even a sports ground.

2) You can take an mp3 player with your favorite music to make a jogging session more energetic and funny. But the music should be energetic and pace you!

3) Jogging is so good for losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle because it fits in all your life conditions, work and fun schedule. You can do it almost any time and almost everywhere. You can also inspire your friends to accompany you and jogging will become both weight loss activity and a social event (but be attentive not to make it too social!).

4) Find your jogging rythm and speed. Jogging is an aerobic kind of weight loss exercising. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens cardiac muscle and oxygenates blood. Jogging also tones muscles and stimulates fat burning. The speed of jogging depends on your weight. The more you weigh the slower you jog. When you lose some weight you can jog faster and lose weight more rapidly.

5) Learn how to jog. Surprisingly but many people seem not to know how to jog correctly. First of all make sure that your shoes are comfortable. They also should be right for the type of ground you are going to jog.

Jog with your body upright and relaxed, let your arms move freely on the shoulder girdle level. Try to move lightly and rhythmically. Make bigger steps running down and shorter steps moving up. Don't step on things on the ground it can be traumatic. Don't speed; you should be able to talk when jogging. Your jogging speed should not interfere with your normal breathing.

6) Can't jog - walk. Some people do not enjoy jogging much and some of them are not able to jog because of being overweight. In this case you can take fast walking. The secret of success is not in the speed of walking but in the time you walk fast. Start moving from a heel and finish the movement by pushing off the ground by your toes. Your speed should enable you to talk while walking.

Both jogging and fast walking are very helpful for weight loss and can be a part of a successful weight loss program. Jogging at a speed of 6,85 mph for one hour will burn you about 588 cal. Fast walking at a speed of 4,35 mph for an hour requires 480 cal.

So, get inspired, check your weight norms and choose your own jogging style. 

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