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Daily Physical Activity and Weight Loss

Want to lose weight? Not only diets and weight loss pills are helpful. Take into account your daily physical activity too. May be you know that for successful weight loss it's important to get fewer calories than you burn. You can reduce calorie intake due to a weight loss diet. But it will be more effective if you also increase the number of calories burned leading more active way of life.

Your work, driving to the office and back, sleeping are everyday actions require calorie burning. An hour of sleep, for example, requires about 65 cal, which makes 520 cal per 8 hours of night sleeping. Driving or going somewhere by public transport will take you 80 cal, that's on average 160 cal every day if you are an office member. Desk work requires about 100 cal, an eight- hour working day takes 800 cal. If you are a worker, a waiter or a farmer you burn 250 cal per hour which makes 2000 cal in eight hours.

If your daily routine doesn't require lots of calories you can increase the number of calories burned at leisure time. Try not to spend it in front of TV or a computer, that won't help you lose weight. Go to the gym or aerobic classes or just jogging. Nowadays there is a great variety of sports classes' activity and you are sure to find something exciting. A lot of positive impressions and good emotions together with lots of burned calories are guaranteed.

For instance, watching TV will help you burn 80 cal per hour. Walking or dancing - about 250 cal. Tennis, jogging and cycling - about 300 cal. See more in calorie burning chart.

You can also burn more calories and lose weight if you introduce some small changes in your daily routine. Walk up the stairs instead of using an elevator; go shopping at a lunch break and enjoy a long shopping spree at weekend; walk at least 10 minutes on your way home.

Weight loss results will become more evident if you eat healthy food and control daily fat intake. The more fat you get with your food the more calories you will have to burn during a day.

Fat is not the only energy source in our body. Carbohydrates also give much energy to our body. If this energy isn't burned carbohydrates will turn into fat and you will gain weight instead of losing it. So you need to be active and do some physical exercises if you want to lose weight. For example, 450 grams of fat contain 3500 calories so you will have to walk or to jog more than 31 mi (50 km) to burn them. In fact, if you eat much fatty food modern weight loss pills, fat absorption blockers, will be able to help you without hard dietary restrictions.

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