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South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet was created as a healthy eating plan by Dr. Arthur Agatston a cardiologist, for his patients. First it wasn't meant to be a weight loss plan. It was supposed to be weight loss tips for his overweight patients suffering from heart problems.

Some time later this weight loss plan got the name of the South Beach Diet and became popular with Hollywood stars and ordinary people. This weight loss diet does not presuppose lots of food restrictions or hungry life. Its mildness and effectiveness at the same time can be the main reason of its popularity.

South Beach Diet helps to lose weight rapidly, effectively and in a comfortable way. It's quite easy to keep the diet. It involves usual kinds of food among which you can find your favorite ones.

South Beach Diet. Phase 1.

The diet consists of three phases. The first phase is the hardest one. But it lasts 2 weeks only and is not as hard as other diet plans. The main goal of the first phase of the South Beach Diet is to overcome harmful eating habits and the predilection for sugary and fat food.

In the first stage you can have: lean meat, fish, turkey and chicken, seafood, eggs, low fat milk foods and cheese, olive oil, loads of vegetables, citrus fruits and pineapples, tea, coffee, clear water.

You can't eat: bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, pastry, sweet fruits, sweets, chocolate, sugar, ice-cream, alcohol drinks.

Weight loss tips: it's important to have 3 good meals and 2 snacks every day. Try to avoid feeling hungry as it can cause you to break the rules.

Remember that the restrictions listed above are necessary only during the first 2 weeks of the South Beach Diet. The rules are going to be milder after the first phase. You'll strive for bread and sugary foods during the adaptation period - the first 3 days only. Then you will lose this type of hunger together with 6,5 lbs - 11 lbs.

South Beach Diet. Phase 2.

If you coped with all the difficulties of phase 1 you are welcome to pass to the second phase. It lasts until you gain your ideal weight.

Add to your daily intake: fruit and cereals. You can also allow some restriction violations. For instance, if you love bread (or rice, or pasta etc) start introducing it in your daily intake sometimes (in small amounts, of course). You are able to eat a piece of dark chocolate without nuts or raisins.

You can't: introduce more than one kind of forbidden food into the diet.

Weight loss tips: be attentive to your body and you will see positive changes that will inspire you to go on.

South Beach Diet. Phase 3.

The third phase of the diet can last all your life. You can have a bit more of favorite food than in the second stage. It's not going to be "a diet", it's going to be "everyday healthy eating". Eat healthy food and don't be too enthusiastic about fat and sugary foods. This diet will help you to laed a healthy life and ensure healthy state of body and mind.

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