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Shelton and Bragg's diet

Shelton and Bragg's diet is a good way to lose weight as well as to get new healthy eating habits.


Shelton and Bragg's diet. A one-week menu:


  • Seven big salads made of seasonal fruit or vegetables with oil and lemon juice dressing, or apple vinegar, or sour cream dressing.
  • Six protein meals (milk, sugar-free yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs) combined with vegetables - a small salad.
  • Two French beans or lentil dishes.
  • Vegetable soup (two times).
  • Porridge (two times).
  • Steamed or baked vegetables.

This is the list of dishes that you are allowed to eat during one week. You can decide yourself when and what to eat out of the list. Make your own diet plan.

This diet will help you stay healthy, energetic and alert. If you keep eating fruit and vegetable dishes after you stop dieting it will make you healthier and can make you live longer. H. Shelton and P. Bragg's diet is a good way to lose weight because you combine weight loss effects with healthy eating.

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