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How to retain weight after a diet

It's quite easy to lose weight. You should take about 1500 calories a day, not more, and you can be confident about good results. But can you keep being confident after you give up a diet or eating restrictions?

Statistics show that those who follow a radical weight loss program tend to return to their eating habits and to the weight they had before a diet. It is usually called a "yo-yo" diet/ effect. Scientists usually explain it by the fact that our body thinks of abrupt weight loss measures as of a danger warning. It results in energy saving and metabolism slowing down. After you give up a weight loss diet your body rapidly makes up for the lost weight and you weigh as you did before all the drastic weight loss measures.

You can avoid weight loss regaining but it will cost you much time and patience.

1) First of all you should find out about your healthy weight norms.

2) Then choose a diet or at least try to eat healthy food and reduce its quantity a little. Your new eating habits should fit in your eating predilections. If you give up some unhealthy but favorite food try to do it gradually, reducing the quantity of this food in your daily intake but not giving it up at once. When some time passes (it may be a rather long period of time) this delicious but unhealthy food won't seem so tasty any more.

3) Don't strive for rapid weight loss. 5% - 10% of your total weight within 8 or 12 months will be enough. If you count on long-term results make a long- term weight loss strategy.

4) When working out a weight loss plan remember the following weight loss information:

  • People usually eat more than their body needs for everyday activity.
  • Fat food contains most calories. Compare 1 gram of fat (9 kcal) with 1 gram of carbohydrate (4 kcal). So try to give preference to carbs.
  • If you can't give up sugar try to replace it by honey and other natural sweeteners or reduce its daily intake at least by 10%.

Try to accept new eating habits and gradually introduce them in your daily life. They are not complex but very effective. You will be able to avoid depressing drastic weight loss methods. At the same time you will really lose weight and will be able to retain it without strict limitations. Lose weight, retain it and enjoy your life.

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