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Fasting diets

It is useful to resort to fasting diets in case of overeating or when low-fat diets have little weight loss effect. Take a fasting diet before an important event - a party for example. A fasting diet stimulates metabolic processes and causes body fat burning. A day off is the best period for a fasting diet.

This kind of diet is characterized by limitations and restrictions. As it is usually unbalanced, it can be a one-day or a two-day diet only. One can keep it once a week or more seldom regardless of a body mass. Before you start a fasting diet consult your physician. He/she will help you to choose the best variant for you taking into account your health state. Your doctor may also recommend you a kind of a fasting diet if you have some health problems, such as gastritis.

A fasting diet is similar to a body stress witch goes against usual daily intake. As a result you will be able to lose about 17.6 - 28.2 ounces per day.

There are many kinds of fasting diets. They are divided into vegetarian, sugar, meat, fish, liquid and combined ones.

For easier dieting it is preferable to vary different types of fasting diets. For example, fruit or vegetable days are easy to keep as this food makes a stomach full and you don't suffer from hunger.

Liquid fasting diets are harder to keep but you get better results from them.

You may give preference to any type. Just make sure your physician approves it. Fasting diets will help you to lose weight very quickly and the result will be obvious after the first day of dieting.

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