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Potato fasting diet

Potato fasting diet is a variant of fasting diets which can be kept for one or two days only. You may want to keep it after abundant late supper or if you have overeaten at a party. This diet will be also useful if you try to lose weight and wish to speed up the progress. You should consult your doctor before dieting.

Potato Diet. On the menu:

When dieting you are allowed to eat baked or steamed potatoes. Don't fry them! And don't add any butter, oil or sour cream or the diet will turn into a bootless effort. Bake or steam about 500gr of potatoes with a bit of salt and divide it into four portions. It is going to be the only food you can take this day. It is also recommended to make rosehip tea and have two or three cups of it instead of usual tea.

After one day of the potato fasting diet you'll lose about 17 - 28 ounces. You will lose weight rapidly. After one or two days of the potato diet you should turn back to your usual eating habits but eat less than before. It will be easy for you as your stomach will become smaller. Just try not to overeat not to stretch it again.

Keep this diet every week or once in two weeks and you'll be slender and slim! Consult your physician before dieting to make sure it is safe for you!

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