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Italian Diet

Italian Diet is based on traditional Mediterranean nutrition system. Have you noticed that most Italians are far from being overweight? An Italian way of nutrition can help you lose weight!

Italian Diet is very tasty if you enjoy pasta. For pizza lovers it isn't so attractive as all bakery and pastry food is forbidden.

So, pasta is going to help you lose weight! It is rich in natural fiber and essential amino acids, regulating appetite and raising your spirits.

Italian diet conditions:

  • you need to give up pastry, sugar, all food with preservative addition (including ketchup, sausages etc.);
  • try to eat natural food only;
  • you can eat fish, seafood and pasta as much as you wish!

That's all!

Keep this diet as long as you can (7 days minimum). It is not a hungry and angry diet Wink. If you like it, make it a part of your healthy lifestyle and keep it all you life! Then it won't be a weight loss diet but a good healthy eating plan.

Italian diet is very tasty and mild. You can lose about 4.5 lbs per month. If you want to lose more, introduce weight loss exercises in your life.

Our visitors comments:

Catherine M., 33: "Since I went to Italy last summer I've got crazy about pasta. I can eat it every day! I tried a lot of diets but still was overweight and underconfident. After my daily eating pasta and vegetables I noticed that I lost 3 lbs! Without strict diets (just not eating after 7 p.m.) and with a happy smile on my face. Now diets are unnecessary, I've got pasta!"

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