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Energy Diet

Do you want to be both slender and energetic? Energy Diet is a way to healthy and energetic life.

The correct nutrition system involves:

  1. a balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats;
  2. moderate meals every 3-4 hours which will enable a constant sugar level. It will help to avoid energy ups and downs;
  3. 4 - 4.5 pints of still clear water and juice, as the lack of liquid leads to weakness;
  4. lots of fruit and vegetables and lack of fried and fat food leading to laziness and languor.

An Energy Diet menu:

Breakfast: (choose one of the variants)

a) fat free yogurt, fresh berries, a glass of fresh orange juice.

b) An omelet (2 eggs) with low fat cheese, fresh vegetables, boiled low fat meat (chicken, veal), a piece of grain bread and a glass of grapefruit juice.

c) Porridge with a banana. A piece of grain bread, a glass of tomato juice.

Lunch: (choose one of the variants)

a) a vegetable soup, a piece of grain bread with low-fat cheese, a glass of grapefruit juice and fat free milk.

b) a piece of boiled low-fat meat with a vegetable salad, a few tangerines and a glass of fat free milk.

c) a piece of grilled chicken breast with a vegetable salad/ a tomato, a piece of grain bread, an orange and a glass of fat free milk.

Dinner: (choose one of the variants)

a) low-fat fish, one potato with sour cream, stewed vegetables, fresh fruit juice.

b) a grilled steak, vegetable salad, boiled spinach, fresh fruit, fresh juice or low-fat milk.

c) stewed chicken breast with vegetables and rice, vegetable salad, fresh fruit, fresh juice or low-fat milk.

You energy snacks may include:

  • 100 grams of dried fruits and 50 grams of nuts;
  • An apple;
  • A banana;
  • An orange;
  • A piece of low-fat cheese;
  • Muesli with fat free milk;
  • 1 egg with a piece of grain bread;
  • Sugar-free yogurt.
Keeping the Energy Diet especially if you plan to lose some weight you shouldn't have:
  • Fried and fat food;
  • Chips, crackers, white bread;
  • Sauces;
  • Sugar, alcohol and soda water.

If you want to be healthy, energetic and slim it is also necessary:

  • to drink 4-4.5 pints of water and juice;
  • take vitamins;
  • avoid drinking alcohol;
  • give preference to grain food;
  • replace sugar and sweets by dark bitter chocolate and honey.

Energy Diet is one of the ways of healthy eating. Even if weight loss isn't your aim you may want to try it to feel more alert and energetic.

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