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Weight Loss Diets and Eating out

You decide to lose weight and start a diet. A few days later you are invited to eat out and your noble impulse comes to naught. Will you give up a diet or go on dieting? Many people feel ashamed and give up. Is there a better way out?

Eating out and dieting is hard to combine. Nevertheless there is a good chance of going to a restaurant and still losing weight. Just introduce some eating out rules together with a diet.

  • Give preference to the cafes and restaurants that you often go to. In this case you will know the menu and choose low-calorie food. Besides, feel free to ask the cook make the dish not so rich in calorie. For example, you may ask for a low-cal dressing or for oil instead of butter in your dish.

  • Try to avoid fast food restaurants. You can hardly hope to find a low-calorie dish there. In case you are not able to avoid going there order one dish like salad without dressing. Never order sauces in restaurants, as they are like appetizers that make food more delicious. Remember that sauces will make you eat more than you wish to.

  • Some restaurants serve food extremely rich in calories. A visit to an Indian and or a Chinese restaurant can interfere with your weight loss plan. These restaurants usually offer oily dishes, butter dressings, fried garnishes and sweet desserts. Dishes like this are crucial for your weight loss program. Nevertheless, you can order some low-cal dishes, such as boiled rice (not fried!) or steamed fish. Be aware of the "spicy danger"! Indian and Chinese cuisines are very spicy which will make you eat more than you supposed to. Ask for the dishes containing as little spice as possible.

  • An Italian restaurant is quite suitable when you are on a weight loss diet, especially if you are keeping the Mediterranean Diet. Choose pasta with a low-calorie sauce or a small pizza with a bit of cheese. Just be attentive with olives as they contain 90% of fat. It's better to order a fruit salad for dessert.
Follow these simple recommendations and your diet will never interfere with your social plans. Eating out and losing weight is quite real!

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