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Candy Diet

Candy Diet is a type of short-term reducing diets. This diet is both effective and delicious for candy-lovers. Candies suppress appetite and help you feel comfortable when you keep the diet and lose weight.

Candy Diet. What to eat:

You should eat a package of vitamin candies sold at any drugstore. During a day you can eat only a candy package if your aim is to lose up to 11 lbs per week. If you agree to lose about 4.5 lbs weekly replace your evening meal by candies and eat your usual food as always trying not to overeat of course.

Candy Diet advantages:  If you enjoy candies it's the best diet for you. You lose weight together with eating your favorite food. Candies suppress the feeling of hunger and you don't suffer from food restrictions.

Candy Diet disadvantages: When you eat various foods your nutrition is more or less balanced. Eating only candies can do harm if you have some health troubles. Before taking any monodiet you should consult your physician. If you replace by candies your dinner only your daily food intake remain quite balanced.

Remember that the Candy diet is a monodiet and can not be kept more than a week.

Our visitors' comments:

Johanna, 27: "I've always dreamt of eating candies and losing weight at the same time. The Candy diet is good for me because 1. I like candies and my thirst for them is satisfied; 2. I don't forget to drink the necessary 0.40 gallons of water; 3. I feel energetic and alert."

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