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Banting Diet

Banting Diet is a balanced diet involving the intake of all the elements and components necessary for healthy living.

Banting Diet Background.

The diet has the name of the first low-carbohydrate diet "inventor" and dates back to 1863. William Banting was a respectable and prosperous London undertaker who suffered from obesity. After lots of vain weight loss efforts W.Banting's doctor William Harvey offered him a new diet plan that led to outstanding results. Being extremely inspired by the results W.Banting published Letter on Corpulence that became the basis of the modern Banting Diet.

Nowadays the Banting Diet has been clinically trialed and showed good weight loss results. The Banting Diet involves the proportional intake of proteins and fats and low amount of carbohydrates.

The Basis of Banting Diet.

Banting Diet is moderate and can be kept for a long period of time. It also ensures healthy vitamin intake.

Exercising isn't considered to be relevant to weight loss process. According to Banting, excess weight is caused by overeating.

Fats in the Banting Diet: It's better to avoid pork. Though a high-fat low-carb diet variant also leads to inspiring weight loss results.

Proteins in the Banting Diet: Milk and butter used to be prohibited as they were thought to contain starch. There are no restrictions concerning them nowadays.

Carbohydrates in the Banting Diet: It is recommended to avoid all root crops, including carrot, turnip, parsnip, swede and beetroot.

Special restrictions in the Banting Diet: Bread, beer, sugar and potatoes. Sugar and starch food is prohibited. 4 moderate meals per day are recommended, rather than 3 larger ones.

An average daily menu of the Banting Diet:

Breakfast: 4-5 ounces of beef, mutton, kidneys, broiled fish, bacon or cold meat with 1 small biscuit or 1 ounce of dry toast. 1 cup of sugarless tea without milk.

Lunch: 5-6 ounces of any fish except salmon/any meat except pork/ any kind of poultry or game/ any vegetable except potato.

Snack: any kind of fruit. 1 cup of tea without milk or sugar.

Supper: 3-4 ounces of any meat except pork, or any fish except salmon. 1-2 glasses of claret.

Nightcap: 1-2 glasses of claret or sherry.

Banting Diet is a healthy way to lose weight and enjoy life. One needs just to get used to a sugarless and starchless menu.

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