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Atkins Diet post-induction phase

There are four phases of the Atkins Diet - induction, weight loss, pre-maintenance and maintenance stages. At the first stage your body adapts to the diet and you start losing weight rapidly. The other phases, which are combined into the post-induction phase, presuppose slower weight loss process and your ideal weight maintenance during all your life without limitation in food calories.

After the induction phase of the Atkins Diet which lasts for two weeks, it is supposed that all the necessary changes in blood and metabolic process have occurred. So it's high time you found the most appropriate level of carbohydrate consumption that would enable you to reach your weight loss goal.

This level is individual and depends on your weight loss aim and the speed of metabolism in your body. Usually it's a "trial" method that is used in this case. If you have achieved your ideal weight you'd better determine the carbohydrate level which maintains your weight stable. Introduce the most health-giving carbohydrates in your daily intake. Weigh yourself to control your weight and make sure it remains stable. After gaining you ideal weight and losing as much weight as you planned make this diet your lifestyle. Try to keep it daily and make it a part of your life. According to dr. Atkins this diet will help you lose weight, remain healthy all your life and even live longer.

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