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Apple Diet

Apples are the most popular fruit in the world. They are extremely health-giving and contain folic acid, pectin, soluble and insoluble fiber. They also contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and Vitamin C and A.

The Apple Diet requires eating red and yellow kinds of apples. Green apples tend to stimulate appetite and can hardly be appropriate food for dieting.

There are a few variants of the One-Day Apple Diet:

Apple Diet # 1

You should have 3.5 lbs of apples during a day. This amount of apples will make up for your daily body's need in liquid. Don't drink anything, even juices, tea or water.

Apple Diet # 2

You can eat only apples during a day. Eat them as much as you wish. Also have sedative teas, green tea or herbal drinks.

Apple Diet # 3

Apples and buttermilk/kefir variant. Combine having one apple with drinking half a glass of buttermilk/kefir 5-6 times a day. This is an effective cleansing variant.

One-day Apple Diet can be kept just once a week or more seldom.

There are also variants of the Three-Day Apple Diet.

Three-Day Apple Diet # 1

You can eat up to 4.5 lbs of apples a day. Try to make your menue as various as possible, for example

Breakfast: apple sauce/ puree;

Lunch: baked apples;

Snack: a grated apple;

Dinner: a cocktail of apple juice with soda mineral water and a bit of lemon juice.

You can find or invent lots of tasty apple dishes and the diet won't be boring.

Three-Day Apple Diet #2

First day: eat only apples (up to 4-4.5 lbs).

Second Day: eat apples with 7 ounces of fat-free yogurt.

Third day: eat apples with 7 ounces of fat-free yogurt.

Three-Day Apple Diet will clean your body and you'll lose up to 6.5 lbs.

There is also a one-week variant of the Apple Diet for apple adorers.

Seven-Day Apple Diet:

Day 1 - you are supposed to eat 2.5 lbs of apples;

Day 2 - 3.5 lbs of apples;

Day 3 - 2 kg of apples;

Day 4 - 2 kg of apples;

Day 5 - 1.5 kg of apples;

Day 6 - 1 kg of apples;

Day 7 - 0.5 kg of apples, chicken breast with rice and vegetable salad.

You can drink tea, especially green or herbal and have a few stone ground wheat crackers during dieting days.

  • If you suffer from heartburn it's better to give preference to sweet kinds of apples.
  • If you have gastrointestinal problems give preference to another diet, which contains greater variety of food, the Mediterranean Diet, for instance.
  • Please, consult your physician before choosing any diet.

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