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Anti Cellulite Diet

Many people who try to lose weight try to get rid of cellulites as well. They reduce their daily food intake, keep weight loss diets and do physical exercises or take weight loss pills. All the weight loss measures are effective if combined. Nevertheless they are often not enough for anti cellulite treatment. May be you know that even thin people can suffer from cellulites. Cellulite is an inner metabolic problem, not a cosmetic defect.

 - So what do you suggest?

Anti cellulite diet suggested by Slender and Slim is based on the book "How to fight cellulite" by Nicol Ronsar. It is not a traditional diet, in fact, but a ten-day course of therapeutic and cleansing diet. An overall body cleansing will lead to cellulite reduction and you are sure to feel better after 10 days of moderate eating.

  - Ok. What is important to fight with cellulite?

You should not have any salt, sugar, caffeine or alcohol.

Drink over 1.5 liters of clear water daily.

On the fist day (and all the odd ones as well) you are allowed to have fresh (uncooked!) vegetables and fruit. Eat grapefruit, oranges, mangoes, apples, pears and especially pineapple, kiwi and papaya. Be careful with grapes, avocado and bananas, they are very nutritious.

Breakfast - fruit.
Lunch - a vegetable salad with a bit of olive oil. No salt! You can add a bit of almonds, sesames or sunflower seeds.
Dinner - like lunch, or have fruit before the salad if you wish. Don't have any milk products. You may add different kinds of gems (soy or haricot).

The second day - eat fruit only (excluding bananas).

On the fourth day (and all the rest even ones as well) you can eat the food allowed for the odd days. But you can boil or better steam a part of the vegetables adding a small amount of cereals (buckwheat, rice etc). You may (but try not to) have some fat free yoghurt.

At first have fresh food and only then take cooked one.

The Anti-Cellulite Diet is a healthy way to lose weight. It will help you not only to win the combat with cellulite but also to get the habit of eating healthy food only.  

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