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Slender and Slim think that dieting can be quite enjoyable and easy and try to prove it.

Joining Slender and Slim Dieting Online program you get:

  • Absolutely free personal daily diet plan
  • Professional support and recommendations
  • Daily physical activity advice
  • Daily water intake control
  • Personal inspiring messages during your dieting period.

You take control over your life and feel friendly support in your dieting activity. You get inspired and always know that you are not alone. All you need is to register, choose a diet and enjoy!

To get more obvious results please weigh yourself at the same time once a week.

Drinking clear water is very important for healthy living. It is recommended to drink about eight 8-oz. glasses of clear water a day. Slender and Slim suggest you your daily water plan. During a day you can mark here the amount of water you've drunk and control your daily water intake. Just click on a glass when you've drunk it.

If you've completed doing exercise just click on corresponding block to mark it as done. You also can change your daily exercises and increase your limits.

a bowl of porridge and a cup of sugar-free tea

Snack: a cup of sugar-free black coffee (or with fat-free milk)
baked French beans with vegetables

Snack: a cup of green tea
big vegetable salad with your favorite vinaigrette

Snack: a cup of herbal tea or a glass of mineral water.
Your dieting plan is build according to your diet choice.
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