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Weight and Daily Calorie Intake

Choose the level of your daily activity, your weight and you will learn the appropriate quantity of calories you can take. Low activity level presupposes a sedentary way of life, medium activity level - a bit more active life with exercising or jogging 2 or 3 times a week, high activity level is for those who are very active and take aerobic exercises 4 - 5 times a week.

Weight and Daily Calorie Intake

WeightLow activity level
Medium activity level
High activity level
132,28 lbs (60 kg)1418 cal1655 cal1891 cal
143,30 lbs (65 kg)1456 cal1699 cal1942 cal
154,32 lbs (70 kg)1495 cal1744 cal1993 cal
165,35 lbs (75 kg)1533 cal1788 cal2044 cal
176,37 lbs (80 kg)1571 cal1833 cal2095 cal

If you'd like to maintain your weight get the recommended number of calories. If you wish to lose weight choose the smaller level of daily activity in the chart but stay active. This information is average. If you want to get more personal recommendations turn to a nutrition specialist or to a fitness doctor in a health club.

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