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Water and healthy life style

Weight loss and healthy life style are closely connected with water drinking. Exercising or diet pills taking also usually require much water intake. Liquids intake is vital as they are involved in all the body processes. Besides, as you know, our body in 60% consists of water.

Body fat cells contain minimum water. It means that if a person is overweight his/her body contains little water. In this case even significant liquid loss will keep this person from losing much weight. If an overweight person wants to lose weight losing it via losing body liquid is highly ineffective. Moreover, if there is little liquid in a body salts and minerals tend not to dissolve and turn into salt deposits.

Feeling hungry or thirsty we replenish liquid supply in a body and our kidneys bring liquids out keeping body balance.

If we are overweight or if we eat or drink too much unhealthy food and drinks this balance can be upset. Most people usually forget about the importance of liquid balance and they often take too little fresh drinking water. Some people try to replace fresh clear water by sugary drinks but it can lead to weight gain and metabolic process disturbance.

Nowadays people drink too much alcoholic drinks, sugary drinks, tea, coffee instead of drinking clear water. Besides, we often prefer food with low content of water such as meat and sweet food instead of eating fruit, vegetables, rice or pasta which are rich in liquid. These eating habits can lead to upset liquid balance or even to obesity.

The best way to preserve good liquid balance is to drink clear water. Strange as it may seem but try to replace your traditional tea or coffee by clear fresh water. At first you will drink twice as much than it is necessary. In about a few weeks positive effects of fresh water drinking will become evident - your complexion will improve and you won't feel any pain when doing weight loss exercises.

Water can be different in taste depending on its spring. Spring water is tasty and easy to buy - you can find it in great variety in any supermarket. You can also look for the nearest natural clear water spring and drive there to make fresh natural water supply.

Drink 2 or 3 liters of clear water a day and soon you will notice good results. Your appetite will be reduced and the wish to drink some alcohol will go down too. You are going to sweat more doing weight loss or other kind of exercises and it will make your skin healthier, muscles - more elastic and body - more flexible.

Whether you wish to lose weight or just to keep healthy style of life fresh water will be of great use to you. Drink 2 or 3 liters of it daily and be healthy.

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