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Sugar and Dieting

How much sugar we really get.

It's almost impossible to lose weight without restricting daily sugar intake. If you keep a diet you may think that you don't get much sugar. Are you sure that you don't eat much sugar every day?

Even if you are sure it looks like an illusion. Almost every product contains sugar. To avoid sugar consumption you'll have to live on bread and water. Oh, no, bread also contains some sugar. So you'll have to drink clear water only.

An average American usually gets about 20 teaspoons of unaccounted sugar daily. You get these extra 320 calories with sugary drinks, juice, cornflakes, dairy produce and even with ketchup. Even "sugar free" dietary food contains honey or other kind of sweetener and they are also rich in calories.

What should we eat to lose weight and avoid sugar?

Sugar is a kind of carbohydrates. There are simple and complex carbohydrates. We get simple carbs with the food that contains very little dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. This food includes desserts, sugary drinks, fast food and white flour pastry. Keeping a weight loss diet try to avoid simple carbs food as glucose contained in it usually increases sugar blood level too fast. This level goes down also very fast and we start feeling hunger and fatigue.

Complex carbs contain much dietary fiber and lots of nutrients. They are also rich in antioxidants that prevent aging process. So give preference to fruit, cereals, dairy products and legumes. Complex carbohydrates provide slow and gradual glucose supply which enables long and effective body activity. Complex carbs are usually digested for a long period of time and you will feel full longer. If you are not hungry you eat less and lose weight.

You can lose weight if you count the number of calories you take. You may become healthy if you are not too strict to yourself and indulge some little life pleasures. Allow yourself a delicious sugary dessert once a week. It will not interfere with your weight loss progress and provide you with optimistic state of mind.

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