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Lots of various food stuffs have appeared in supermarkets during the last 20 years. Food has become tastier but at the same time more attractive and often fatter. Delicious and high-calorie food has inculcated a dangerous habit of overeating in modern people. If you want to lose weight or keep a weight loss diet or just wish to eat healthy food be aware of supermarket temptations.

When we go food shopping we take a shopping trolley pushing it along endless rows of mouthwatering food. Nowadays many people are inclined to impulsive shopping. They don't buy healthy or weight loss stimulating food but they buy it because it looks attractive or because they have never tried it before and its sight or smell makes their mouths water.

If you want to lose weight or to choose healthy food you need to remember a few simple food shopping rules. Besides, you can use our calorie counter to make sure that you choose low-calorie food.

  • Always buy fresh food only. Or at least it can be frozen. Never buy tinned food stuffs.
  • Give preference to food that can be boiled or baked. Try to avoid fried dishes.
  • Resist the temptation of buying much sugary or salty food. Don't buy much chocolate (if you are not on the chocolate diet, of course)  or ice-cream.
  • Try to ignore sugary drinks and alcohol as they are rich in calories.
  • Reduce or give up chips eating.
  • Avoid buying snacks (nuts, chips, biscuits etc.). They are easily and absent-mindedly eaten up and are not considered as a meal. Nevertheless they are usually high-calorie.
  • Increase the quantity of vegetables in your daily diet and try to reduce meat intake.
  • Buy more fruit.
  • Buy clear water and drink it as much as possible. It is generally recommended to drink 1.5 - 2 liters of clear still water a day and do it before 5 p.m. or you risk getting puffy next morning.
  • If it is possible avoid "tempting rows" in a supermarket and go straight to "useful" food sections.
  • Make a shopping list before you go shopping and try to stick to it.

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