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Breakfast and Healthy Eating

Healthy style of life requires good breakfast in the morning. People who try to lose weight but neglect having substantial breakfast risk failing their weight loss programs. Those who are interested in healthy lifestyle also sometimes neglect morning meal.

What's the problem with breakfast?

Early in the morning we get up and mumbling some excuses for not having breakfast rush to work. At lunch time we are as hungry as a beast and eat much more than it is necessary. Overeating never leads to anything good but being extremely hungry we usually forget it and unexpectedly gain some weight.

Those who are not so lucky as to have hearty lunch often miss it at all or have a snack with a sandwich and a cup of coffee (Do you think your digestion system will be grateful to you?). Coming back home in the evening we dash to the kitchen suffering from hunger and overeat. Finally it makes a negative impact on our figure and health. If we had breakfast we would lead a healthy life and could be proud of slim shapes.

Why don't we have breakfast?

Reason 1. "I don't have time".

Nobody asks you to have breakfast at home. You may take it with you to work, yogurt or fruit for example. You can also have breakfast after driving the kids to school. It is important to have breakfast within 3 hours after you get up. You can have a snack at work or at any other place but don't wait till lunch. Morning meal will provide you with energy and make your body healthier.

Reason 2. "I'm not hungry in the morning".

People who are not hungry in the morning often tend to overeat at night. They usually don't have a meal both in the morning and afternoon. But being extremely hungry at night they have hearty supper. But their body isn't able to spend the energy they got with the evening food. So they got up feeling full in the morning. The situation happens again. If you want to eat healthy try to break the vicious circle and avoid substantial evening meals.

Reason 3. "Breakfast food isn't tasty".

You can eat anything you like. If cornflakes or yogurt are not tasty for you think of something you like to eat. It can be your favorite lunch food or supper dish. Don't get restricted by traditional breakfast stereotype. You are always free about your menu.

Whether you want to lose weight or not you are sure to strive for healthy life. If you have breakfast in the morning you will feel better and more energetic. You will be able to cope with lots of things very effectively. Remember the proverb: cena poco, come mas, duerme en alto y viviras, i.e. eat breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend and give supper to your enemy.

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