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Can fruit help us lose weight?

All of us know that eating fruit makes us healthier. But does it make us slimmer? Fruits really are full of vitamins; reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer and stimulate weight loss process. Eat strawberries and grapefruit and enjoy slimmer shapes!

Eat fruits to lose weight.

A recent research has shown that introduction of various fruits in one's daily intake leads to greater weight loss than the restriction of certain food's intake. On condition that an existing diet is quite balanced, of course.

The conclusion is based on an experiment carried out during one year. The scientists examined two groups of people. The participants of the first group restricted their pastry and sweets intake, People in the second group just introduced more various fruit in their balanced diets. As a result, the participants of the second group were losing weight three times faster than those from the first group!

Almost all of us dream of eating delicious food together with losing weight. The only thing that we need is giving preference to food with fewer calories per 1 gram. The more water and natural fiber is in a product the fewer calories on a gram it contains.

Do you want to lose weight? Eat more fruit! Remember that dried fruit and canned fruit in sweet syrup are high in calories; they won't provide you with desired weight loss effect. Eat fresh grapefruit, melons, watermelons, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, pears and peaches.

"How can I eat more fruit and make my fruit dishes more attractive?"

Scientists recommend eating 3-4 different fruits a day. Try to eat even more if you are involved in energetic physical or mental activities.

  1. Make your breakfast healthier! Add a handful of berries to your porridge or muesli or make a fast fruit salad - a handful of berries and fat-free yogurt.
  2. Put pieces of apples in the room where you are working. Their smell will help you fight the temptation to bite something high-calorie.
  3. If you are used to having lunch in a fast food restaurant give preference to a salad instead of high-calorie burgers.
  4. Instead of going to a fast food restaurant have lunch at work. But don't eat sandwiches or rolls. Have fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt for lunch.
  5. Do you love ice-cream? But it's sweet and high-calorie. Freeze grapes and they will be good alternative to the delicious dish.
  6. When guests come to your house it's really hard to keep from overeating. Make fruit snacks instead of sandwiches and fatty sausage. Pour lemon juice on apples and bananas to prevent them from getting dark.
  7. Put vases with fruit in your kitchen/ dining room. You won'tbe able to resist the temptation and grab something delicious.

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