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Sweet Myths

When you want to lose weight or start keeping a diet it is generally recommended to exclude sweet or sugary food from your daily intake. But along with rational reasons for it there are lots of myths concerning sweet food and its "side" effects. Here are 8 most wide-spread sweet food myths and real facts about its effect.

Myth 1. Sugary food causes caries.

Truth. Sugar with saliva in a human's mouth creates a kind of syrup. Caries bacteria propagate in this syrup very rapidly. But you can easily stop this process just by eating an apple or a carrot which will clean your teeth and remove caries bacteria. Of course, if you have a toothbrush at hand it will be even more effective to clean your teeth after eating sugary food.

Myth 2. Sweet food causes allergy or conjunctivitis.

Truth. Conjunctivitis can be caused by loads of factors - by dust, pollen, eye infection, cigarette smoke, eyelash mascara, undersleeping, long periods of computer work an so on. You'd better turn to an oculist to find out the reason. But frequent sties can be a sign of high blood sugar level. It can also be caused by some body system failure and not by sweets and chocolate.

Myth 3. Simple carbohydrates and sugar do harm to our weight and health.

Truth. In fact all simple carbs including sugar are rapidly assimilated and give us much energy. That's especially important in case of high level of physical or mental activity. Besides, a cup of tea or coffee with sugar can help people suffering from low blood pressure and even prevent fainting.

Myth 4. Sugary food overeating can cause diabetes

Truth. Usually sweet food is far from being the main reason of diabetes. It is mainly caused by hereditary predisposition. Moreover, a piece of sugar or a candy can help people suffering from diabetes in case of blood glucose level reduction.

Myth 5. Sugary food leads to being overweight and causes cardiovascular diseases.

Truth. It is really so if you eat more than 80- 100 grams of sugar a day, especially of white refined sugar. But brown (unrefined) sugar is useful as it contains lots of minerals and natural fibers. Besides, carbohydrates are not so rich in calories. If you want to lose weight you'd better reduce the daily intake of fats. Carbohydrate food helps you eat healthy. It contains much water, fibers, minerals and less fats and cholesterol.

Myth 6. Sweets are bad for skin and cause pimples (acne).

Truth. Dermatologists are sure that acne is an endocrine problem only. Acne is caused by the excess number of male hormone - androgens. Excessive androgens stimulate oil-bag activity, worsen skin state and interfere with carbohydrate metabolism. In this situation sugar can make the situation worse but it cannot cause acne in itself.

Myth 7. Sugary food is the best cure for bad mood.

Truth. Distress combined with sugar is an easy way to diabetes. Adrenalin which is produced when you are distressed interferes with insulin work and prevents it from blood glucose level balancing. Adrenalin and sugar can trigger diabetes process in a body.

Myth 8. Sugar is addictive.

Truth. Sugar increases a happy hormone - serotonin level. It can be addictive and some people even suffer from "sugarolism". Everything is good in moderation. Get sugary food reasonably and be happy!

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